About Us

CloudSchools’ design and development was initiated by Ombo Technologies (Pvt) Ltd in 2014. Ombo is a fully owned subsidiary of CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd which is a BOI company. CodeGen is a private Limited Company,founded in 1999. CodeGen is renowned for delivering innovative, fully scalable, high-performance solutions to leading travel organisations worldwide. The company’s ethos is focused on presenting a travel solution that leads the market whilst providing an agile and stable reservation engine for client business operations.

CodeGen’s Centre of Excellence is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where we have over 280 highly-skilled IT professionals and the Sales and Marketing Office is based in London, UK.CodeGen prides itself on the caliber of staff and its employees, more than 95 percent of whom are post graduates and in excess of 120 are from local universities. The company also has expanded its industries to automobile (Sri Lanka’s first electric super car, project “Vega”), healthcare, entertainment and education- ( More information www.codegen.net ).

CloudSchool team consists of educational experts along with forward-thinking software solution developers and analysts. In most School Management Software in the market, the school will always have to adapt to the software while on the contrary the CloudSchool can adapt to any schools’ workflow. CloudSchool utilizes the powerful and scalable Google App engine to provide uninterrupted, fast ,reliable and the best school management software any school can ask for.

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