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We provide cloud based, user-friendly, powerful features to boost the school operations, enhance student & teacher efficiency.

Cloud Based School Managemement System

Cloud Based Solution

  • Automated backups
  • Automated updates
  • Access from anywhere
  • High data security
  • High Scalability

Developed using the latest cloud technologies, the CloudSchool utilizes the powerful and scalable Google App engine to provide an uninterrupted, fast and reliable solution for local schools. Due to the use of cloud technologies, the CloudSchool relieves the customer from having to manage expensive servers for hosting and the cumbersome process of maintaining these servers. Since the solution is cloud based, users can access the system securely from anywhere in the world at any time they desire.

Backups are automatically taken from the system and backed up in secure locations to avoid data corruption. In addition, updates to the system do not require any on-site visits and are seamlessly done while day-to-day operations could be carried out without any visible down time.

Any Device

Multi Device Access

The CloudSchool is built using HTML5 and CSS3 components to accommodate a highly responsive design. Which allows each individual user interface to scale according to the device accessing the system. Therefore the CloudSchool allows an array of internet capable devices which include mobile phones, Iphones/Ipads,Tablets, Laptops. Therefore users are not only able to access the system from anywhere in the world, they are also capable of using any device to access the system.

The CloudSchool also employs the latest design pattern provided by google to optimize the user accessibility and user friendliness of the application providing ease of use for even the most technically challenged persons.


Student, Staff and Parent Databases

  • Personal details
  • Medical details
  • Emergency contact details
  • Parent/ guardian details
  • Professional details
  • Intuitive Search capabilities
  • Export capabilities
  • Bulk importing

The CloudSchool allows schools to manage a fully fledged, easy to use database of students,staff and parents for a given school. Providing quick search functionality, advance searches and complete audit trail for each individual entry.


Gmail Authentication and Role Based Access

One of the main advantages of the CloudSchool is the role based access and content categorisation.

Each primary user type, Administrator, Teacher, Student and Parent have access to the system. Each user type receives only the content relevant to the said type. Each individual user only has access to the sections allowed to the specific user type he/she is assigned to.

Authentication of these users are done using the same security standards used in Google's Gmail. The system seamlessly integrates the school with Google apps to create and manage users and ultimately provides built in email support with custom domains.


School Operations Management

The CloudSchool computerized the day-to-day operation of schools by providing school administrators to manage,

  • Sections, Grades and Classes
  • Subjects and Medium
  • Student records

Records of above mentioned items are captured yearly by the system, which means that the system captures the structure of the yearly operations allowing the school to track back and find out the specific class of a given student from any school year which is recorded in the system. eg:- Find out which teacher taught O/L maths for student “Saman Gunarathna” in year 2006.

Furthermore the system automates the process of assigning subjects for each student and promoting each student to a higher grade at the end of a school year by capturing a set of conditions which are customizable by the school administration.


Library Solution

The CloudSchool comes bundled with a comprehensive, highly customizable library management component. This component is built in with the common features such as,

  • View/Edit/Delete/Add books
  • Managing authors and publishers
  • Custom and advanced search facilities
  • Book issuing and penalty calculation
  • Customized reporting module
  • Barcode, sticker printing and recognition component
  • SMS / Email notifications

The library component is preconfigured to integrate with a variety of barcode printers and barcode reader hardware allowing library staff to cut down on most manual processes. Excel bulk importing comes as a standard for migrating from an existing software and the CloudSchool team is capable of customizing the imported module to support any migration from an existing software. Since each component is synchronized, student and staff databases are accessible through the library which streamlines the issuing of books and management of penalties. Further more students and staff members are capable of requesting or reserving books online through their personalized login space.

Time Table Module

Smart Time Table Module

  • Lectures and lecture groups which support multiple classrooms and multiple teachers for a single period
  • Staff schedule and time schedule management
  • School class room and physical location management
  • Smart rule engine to automate creation of time tables
  • Custom rules to identify overlapping time periods
  • Customized time schedule template creation
  • Personalised location based and staff member based time schedule creation
  • Printable and exportable time tables

During the research phase at Bishops College, the process of creating the time table for a given school year was recognized as the most cumbersome, time consuming and resource consuming process carried out by the school. The process consumed an average of 3-6 weeks. Therefore the CloudSchool team developed a new module which streamlines and partially automates the creation of the time table. With the use of this module, the school can save precious resources and time previously required by the manual process.


Survey Module

  • Surveys are relatively inexpensive
  • Less time consuming
  • Convenient for students to access
  • You can customize the surveys according to your needs
  • Provide anonymous respondents
  • Can generate reports on survey data
  • The survey can be provided only to a specific user group
  • Numerous questions could be asked on a particular subject providing extensive flexibility for data analysis

The CloudSchool also contains a survey module which enables school administrators to review students and teachers performance in a relevant school year. This is helpful solution to obtain information about staff members and the survey could be utilized to gauge options and receive feedback. A survey will help the school find out what the students and the teachers need improvement in. It will establish a positive relationship between the school and the students.